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I’ve just returned from a hot, hectic and happy three days at Disneyland Paris with my wonderful family (the A, L and E to my A in Alea). Having survived 37 years without going near a Disney park the combined persuasive forces of my wife and 3 year old son won me over to give.. read more →

My thoughts on innovation in life insurance – as published in Life Insurance International: read more →

Many people have been perplexed by the amount of musicians and other celebrities that have died this year. As an underwriter I’m wondering if we need to think about adding “celebrity” to oil rig workers, scaffolders and bomb disposal experts in our hazardous occupations question. This increased reporting of death is interesting to observe from.. read more →

  Click on the picture to read my Cover piece responding to Kevin Carr’s article on recent media coverage of CI claims. read more →

This article is prompted by this piece in the press this weekend: Is crying good for you?. It reminded me of many discussions I have had over the years as to underwriting approaches for people who had disclosed some element of stress, depression – or emotion – in their underwriting application. It is hugely encouraging.. read more →