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“Different insurers have different approaches to underwriting. Some insurers want tightly defined groups of very similar people and some insurers are happy to have quite broad groups…” Check out the full article I wrote for IPTF here. read more →

“Improving consumer access to insurance, particularly travel and protection insurance has been a growing issue for a couple of years” Over the past twelve months I’ve been delighted to lead the Access to Insurance underwriting workstream and I’ll be sharing more of the fascinating discussions and amazing done by the group in the coming months… read more →

My video and commentary on vaping and insurance was referenced by Cover Magazine here read more →

Thoughts on FCA report on Access to Insurance I have read the FCA report based on their Call for Input around Access To Insurance with interest today having attended the launch, responded to the report and had a follow up meeting with the FCA around this vital subject. The original call for input was primarily.. read more →

STOP PRESS: In the end my return to big corporate was (very) short lived and so Alea is very much still going and open for business.  This podcast is an honest reflection on my thoughts at the time and I hope therefore useful to people considering making the move in either direction. If you want.. read more →