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Evolution not revolution This was the decade in which we lived in the future – as on 21 October 2015 we enjoyed the date that was leapt forward to in Back to the Future. Sadly we saw no hoverboards, and in reality, to the outside world at least, the underwriting landscape, has barely changed throughout.. read more →

Last week Cover Magazine reported on a Reuters article revealing that three major reinsurers had issued updated guidance urging life insurers to be more cautious around pricing for some vapers, following a slew of e-cigarette related deaths in the US (a total that has reached 47). Now The Institute and Faculty of Actuaries (IFoA) responds.. read more →

As a child, I was lucky enough to get three computers for the price of one. Our Spectrum 16k broke after they’d stopped production, and so we got a machine three times more powerful – the almighty 48k as compensation. We couldn’t believe our luck when the tape player on that broke and got us.. read more →

In my last corporate role I went from never having had anyone “reporting to me” to having a team of twenty people overnight. I was the second youngest person in the team and the usual imposter syndrome that any rational human being would experience existed, but I was mainly concerned about presenting my true self.. read more →

‘Be wary of knee-jerk reactions’. COVER reaches out to three thought-leaders to discuss how our industry can tackle the suicide problem. Read the full article here. read more →