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In my last corporate role I went from never having had anyone “reporting to me” to having a team of twenty people overnight. I was the second youngest person in the team and the usual imposter syndrome that any rational human being would experience existed, but I was mainly concerned about presenting my true self.. read more →

‘Be wary of knee-jerk reactions’. COVER reaches out to three thought-leaders to discuss how our industry can tackle the suicide problem. Read the full article here. read more →

Protection Review and Alea Risk survey analysis Back in the summer, I worked with Protection Review to seek views from advisers, intermediaries, distributors, insurers, reinsurers and the public on their current thoughts on the subject. We had responses from over 200 professionals at insurers, reinsurers and advisers and surveyed over 2,000 members of the public… read more →

“Whether it’s because of my mum being a Home Economics teacher, my son’s current obsession with potions or basic hunger pains on a cold Tuesday afternoon I’ve been thinking about the right ingredients for a truly potent Income Protection product.” Having your cake and eating it – in which Andrew takes an analogy and devours.. read more →

“Different insurers have different approaches to underwriting. Some insurers want tightly defined groups of very similar people and some insurers are happy to have quite broad groups…” Check out the full article I wrote for IPTF here. read more →