InsurerWhat I can do

I can give an independent, high quality view of your products and processes. Some examples of particular expertise are:

  • Designing and developing underwriting philosophy for specific markets or pricing strategies
  • Establishing an efficient approach to get relevant answers that appeals to customers and reduces claims issues
  • Reviewing your reinsurance relationships and tender packs – ensuring you are getting the right price for all the work you do
  • Reviewing your onboarding experience – how effectively does the underwriting and new business process work for your potential clients? I can work together with IFA experts to develop a suitable development plan.
  • Improving electronic rulebases – examining the questions you ask and the way you deal with the answers to fit the customer experience and price points that you target
  • Improving distribution management – effectively measuring and changing the quality of the business coming in – and effectively present this to reinsurers
  • Delivering targeted training – including enhancing the commercial awareness of underwriters and explaining the significance of underwriting to other areas of an organisation

What I won’t do

  • Try and create a one size fits all approach rather than identifying the best solution for your specific situation
  • Add complexity and complications to justify my existence
  • Share knowledge from one company to another

If you ever think that I am breaking these promises please shout and holler loud and call me to account!