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IFAs and distributors


What I can do

I can help remove the uncertainty around the variable income from protection cases. I can offer:

  • Tailored training on products and underwriting specific for Life, Critical Illness and Income Protection
  • An effective approach to pre-application questions and selection of insurers for products and underwriting factors
  • Development of appropriate underwriting journeys for those wishing to launch a different proposition
  • Guidance as to possible approaches on individual applications
  • A qualified second opinion and information to challenge decisions where appropriate
  • Explanations to individuals who want more information on an underwriting decision
  • Access to medical experts to assist in all of the above

What I won’t do

  • Put undue pressure on insurers or reinsurers to change an underwriting decision
  • Work with companies in direct competition with one another
  • Add complexity and complications to justify my existence

If you ever think that I am breaking these promises please shout and holler loud and call me to account!

Mental Health Training for Intermediaries

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