Some thoughts from me (and others!) on how to speed up protection underwriting in this article written by Kevin Carr in FT Adviser. Link to FT Adviser article read more →

The shift from opt in to opt out organ donation in Wales last week is the latest high profile example of behavioural economics in action. This change will save lives as more people will follow the norm and so remain opted in rather than opting out. More everyday real life examples of how behavioural economics.. read more →

This shocking statistic comes from the recent HSE stress survey Within the survey there is detail on the different levels of stress within different occupations – which generally lie in an inverse relationship to traditional IP occupation classes. At the risk of drifting into consultancy heaven – here’s some questions that need answering: Underwriters /.. read more →

Listen to me talking about all things to do with sales and underwriting in this edition of Roger Edwards’ popular industry podcast. read more →

In various industry meetings I’ve been a part of over the last decade AOB has often been an acronym for Any Ombudsman Bashing. It’s a surefire way to relieve the tension at the end of a meeting by moaning about someone not in the room. Imagine my glee when directed by a friend to this.. read more →

My thoughts on why SARs are like a mini-disc player, and why a future of 100% claims payouts and instant claims decisions are possible, as published in Cover: Cover article read more →