For this episode we are absolutely thrilled this week to be joined by our first guest, Mike Adams OBE. Mike is an incredible speaker and advocate for improving access to products and services, for people with disabilities. Mike’s organisation Purple have gained significant attention in recent years with Purple Tuesday, a day where all organisations.. read more →

‘We need to fight to keep business now’ Read the article in full here. read more →

During COVID-19 Insurers postponing applications and stopping medical screenings is preventing clients from getting cover. Read the full article here. read more →

*** Disclaimer: In this episode we are going to be talking about mental health conditions and in particular suicidal thoughts and attempts. Please be aware that some people may find some of the content upsetting.*** Hi Everyone, We had a really insightful time at last week’s Cover Mental Health conference. It was great to hear.. read more →

This is our third episode and it’s all about vaping. The most interesting thing is that Kathryn and Andrew have kind of switched roles in this one. Kathryn is more cautious about the underwriting of ecig users, than Andrew is! Are you guessing who is telling the truth or lying, right? In this episode we.. read more →

Understanding underwriting with Alea Risk access to insurance champion Andrew Wibberley Each month we invite a leading figure in protection and health insurance to discuss the industry’s most important topics. On this podcast, Adam Saville speaks to industry expert Andrew Wibberley about recent mental health underwriting developments and the steps being taken by the sector.. read more →

In this episode we are focusing on rare diseases (or conditions as Kathryn prefers, she doesn’t like being thought of as diseased!) and what you need to know, if you have this condition and want insurance. read more →

This is our first official, proper, hopefully fantabulous, brand spanking new episode. Can you tell we are a bit excited? In this episode we are focusing on epilepsy and what you need to know, if you have this condition and want insurance. read more →

Evolution not revolution This was the decade in which we lived in the future – as on 21 October 2015 we enjoyed the date that was leapt forward to in Back to the Future. Sadly we saw no hoverboards, and in reality, to the outside world at least, the underwriting landscape, has barely changed throughout.. read more →

Last week Cover Magazine reported on a Reuters article revealing that three major reinsurers had issued updated guidance urging life insurers to be more cautious around pricing for some vapers, following a slew of e-cigarette related deaths in the US (a total that has reached 47). Now The Institute and Faculty of Actuaries (IFoA) responds.. read more →