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*** Disclaimer: In this episode we are going to be talking about mental health conditions and in particular suicidal thoughts and attempts. Please be aware that some people may find some of the content upsetting.***

Hi Everyone,

We had a really insightful time at last week’s Cover Mental Health conference. It was great to hear from our peers and new friends, about how we are all taking every step that we can to support people living with mental health conditions.

Kathryn is not one to shy away from saying that she has had generalised anxiety disorder for many years, and experienced agoraphobia a couple of times. She is incredibly passionate about people living with mental health conditions, getting fair access to insurance.

Andrew has been working alongside insurers to determine the best ways to develop current medical underwriting stances, especially the language used, when it comes to mental health. He is currently developing a mental health training programme for advisers, so that they can support their clients fully. Listen here.

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